Puppies are occasionally available to qualified, screened homes. 


Puppies take an enormous amount of time to raise and train properly.  For this reason, we typically only breed 1-2 litters per year.  

Puppies are socialized in the home, leash-trained and getting accustomed to grooming by the time they leave for their new homes, whether destined to be a top-winning show dog, or a much-loved companion.

14-week old puppies

A puppy depends totally on you for all his needs, and is no different than bringing home a baby.  They need lots of love, attention, and structured (firm but gentle) discipline.  If you feel you are not up to this lifelong commitment (12-14 years, and quite possibly 16-18 years), please consider waiting to buy a dog until your life is better suited. 

When we do have a litter, we ensure our puppies are sold to loving, committed homes.  We screen potential owners to ensure a good match between the puppy and buyer.  Before the puppy leaves our home, it has been well cared for, socialized and loved.  The puppy does not go to its new home as a trained, well-mannered finished product.  It is up to you to complete the job we have started.  

All puppies are sold on a signed contract, with companions being sold on an AKC limited registration.  

Lucy, Skylar and Dinger
6-week old puppies

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